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[When you see Alex through your PCD today, you just might find her on the second floor of her small house, attempting to stay away from the flood occurring downstairs. She doesn't look too worried about it, though, considering she's most likely planning on using her magic to dry everything off later.

But for now, she's staring at the rain, sticking her hand out of the window and catching some thick, heavy drops in the palm of her hand.]

This rain sucks.
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[It's May first, and Alex is... enjoying it, for the most part. Having made it through that last event relatively unscathed, she's decided to do a little investigating (and gloating). Nosy Alex is nosy, after all.]

Hey, everyone!

I heard last week's event was a real pain, wasn't it? I didn't feel much like getting involved. So, how did you guys make it out? Or... not?

[She thinks for a bit, and after a pause, she speaks again.]

Hey, magic users.
Wanna show off spells?

[She finishes off the video feed with a mischievous smirk, then finally turns it off.]

[[OOC: Alex is mostly bored. She figures the best way to not be bored anymore is to at least meed up with some of the friends she's made here, and make new ones. Especially because her mun fails at keeping her active! She's... reaching out.]]
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[Thanks to the rain, Alex has been laying low at home today. Rain was bittersweet nowadays. Every once in a while, she caught herself thinking about Mason when it rained. After all, standing in the rain on Waverly Place was the first time she'd shared a kiss with her werewolf boyfriend.

[Thanks to her PCD, she can be seen sitting in the windowsill of her room, pointing her wand outside. She's filling invisible magic bubbles with rain water and letting them drop. Onto the pavement, onto small creatures, and perhaps onto you! One of her favorite things to do with Mason was throw water balloons at unsuspecting victims who happened to be wandering down Waverly Place. Oh, what fun!]

Hnhnheheheh! That was a good one.

[Have yo been hit with a water bubble? Feel free to yell at this young whipper snapper.]
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[The feed clicks on and a bored Alex Russo sits at home and holds up her sparkly wand in view of the PCD, just playing with it. While she's not facing the camera, you might notice her casting a few spells that just amuse her.]

So. Aside from last week when I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying, it's kinda dead here. So! If there's anything anyone feels like doing that isn't reading or otherwise really boring, let me know. I might even make it worth your while.

[She smirks, pointing her wand at the screen. Yes, she is willing to give magical favors in return for someone to do something with.]

Hey, Negi dude. You gonna teach me something or what?


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