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2011-11-03 10:11 pm


[So, Alex is sitting face to face with her PCD, just looking into the camera. Being stuck in this place was ridiculously boring, and of course Alex being Alex, bugging people never seemed to get old.]

'Sup, Adstring?
So, who got freaked out by last week's event? Because I thought it was awesome! I always wanted to see what Harper would look like as a zombie...
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2011-07-13 12:00 pm


[Alex awoke this morning, already having gotten used to the filters not working. It wasn't like she had anything to hide. But keeping an eye out for all the new, super secret stuff that had been going on between the other Adstringendum residents had proven to be quite amusing! She's all ready to park it in front of her PCD and troll the whole city. When just as she's about to poof herself up some popcorn... ]

Oh, great. How many times is this place gonna drain my powers?
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2011-06-23 09:03 pm

Rain Rain, Go Away [Accidental Video]

[When you see Alex through your PCD today, you just might find her on the second floor of her small house, attempting to stay away from the flood occurring downstairs. She doesn't look too worried about it, though, considering she's most likely planning on using her magic to dry everything off later.

But for now, she's staring at the rain, sticking her hand out of the window and catching some thick, heavy drops in the palm of her hand.]

This rain sucks.
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2011-06-10 12:08 am

[Accidental Video] Aww, cute!

[If you happen to tune into the Alex Russo channel today, you will see that Alex is following around a sheep. A very brightly colored rainbow sheep, and one that particularly happens to have a lot of purple in its fleece. She follows it, grinning from the sheer cuteness. Of course, This sheep is more than cute. It just so happens to be a fashion opportunity. Gently stroking the sheep's head, she pulls out her wand.]

This ain't no bull,
Gimme that wool.

[And in an instant, a very naked sheep appears to have lost most of its mass, and Alex is holding all of what the sheep has lost. A confused sheep with a rainbow crew cut looks at Alex before giving an annoyed bleat and wandering off.]

This would make an awesome scarf. Or do I want a sweater?
Socks, maybe?

I'd better find another sheep.
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2011-06-01 01:48 am


[You might find miss Alex Russo making yet another video post this evening. She looks relatively relieved, considering the events that have transpired during the past week.]

Ok, was that awesome for anyone else? Because it totally wasn't what I'd expected!

[Having managed to stay away from a majority of the zombie happenings of the week, especially because of her magic, she was still a bit taken aback by the new experience.]

Those guys were nothing like the zombies back home.
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2011-05-10 01:29 am

[Accidental Video]

[As Alex's PCD flicks on, you'll spot the young wizard sitting with her hands over her ears. Of course, this has no affect, because the music just won't stop! It's so... bouncy. You'll probably be able to tell that Alex just might have hated the song ever since it started.]

Ugh, I can't make it stop! Too... annoyed... can't... function...!

[Yes, she's a bit of a drama queen. When she realizes her PCD is filming, she picks it up.]

Does anyone know how to make this crappy music stop?
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2011-05-01 01:10 pm

May Flowers? [Video]

[It's May first, and Alex is... enjoying it, for the most part. Having made it through that last event relatively unscathed, she's decided to do a little investigating (and gloating). Nosy Alex is nosy, after all.]

Hey, everyone!

I heard last week's event was a real pain, wasn't it? I didn't feel much like getting involved. So, how did you guys make it out? Or... not?

[She thinks for a bit, and after a pause, she speaks again.]

Hey, magic users.
Wanna show off spells?

[She finishes off the video feed with a mischievous smirk, then finally turns it off.]

[[OOC: Alex is mostly bored. She figures the best way to not be bored anymore is to at least meed up with some of the friends she's made here, and make new ones. Especially because her mun fails at keeping her active! She's... reaching out.]]
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2011-03-31 08:39 pm

Deja Vu for All! [Video]

[See Alex. See Alex try to catch a carnivorous rabbit. See Alex fail. See Alex try again. And again. And again. Each time, you'll see her use a different spell, a different technique, a different attempt at catching the critter. After all, it's crazy people who keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. But each time you see her, you might not completely remember what she'd done before. Did she actually do anything before? Are you dreaming? Maybe you're just having deja vu. You may not even be watching. Whatever you're doing, you can't help but get the feeling that you've done it before. When you realize something's off, (and you will,) when you realize that whatever you're doing starts to seem really familiar, you might just pick up your PCD and see Alex performing her time reversal spell.]

McReary Timereary!
... Ugh, shoot!

McReary Timereary.

[[OOC: Alex is using the McReary Timereary spell, which rewinds time by a few short seconds at a time. Other wizards and magic users might not be affected by the time reversal and easily catch on that time is repeating itself. All others will feel like they're experiencing deja vu. Over and over and over again. Feel free to stop her! If you can.]]
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2011-02-25 12:03 am

Calling all Siblings! [Video] (Filtered from Mom and Dad)

[Alex is maybe being secretive today. Maybe it's because she wants to enlist the help of her brother and sister. Secret video post time! They'll be able to see her head and shoulders at a relatively close range, and her voice is quiet, although she's smiling quite deviously.]

Hey, Kurt. Sanya. Meet me in my room. I have an idea.

[With that, the feed clicks off.]

[[OOC: Alex is giving a shout out to her brother Kurt and her sister Sanya. She has a little something in mind for Roy and Faye.]
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2011-01-23 02:24 pm

Sunny Day Sweepin' the Clouds Away! [Offline]

[But Alex is not interested in getting directions to Sesame Street. Right now, she's taking a little hike around the city only to discover a BEACH?! That is awesome.]

[If you're lucky, you might have spotted Alex using her magic to transform her street clothes into a bathing suit, tossing her wand into a relatively small and easy-to-carry shoulder bag. Her PCD happens to be in there, too. ... Don't ask why she's wearing her fuzzy hat and a pair of boots with her bathing suit. It's just awesome like that.]

Okay, this place gets credit for at least trying to be cool.

[If you see her, she just might be on the shore, building... something out of sand.]
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2011-01-10 10:27 am

Armed and Ready [Video//Offline]

[Alex was sitting on her rooftop, her yellow scarf only visible rather thickly packed around her neck, as the rest of it is tucked into her coat. It just might get in the way if she has to get down and dirty with the snowballs. She had been waiting patiently, silently... and eventually she got bored.

So now you might see Alex wandering the streets of Adstringendum, tossing a snowball up and catching it in her gloved hands. She's trying to stay observant, but hey. This is Alex we're dealing with. Anyway, she still looks pretty upbeat.]

Now this is my kind of event!
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2010-12-31 12:07 pm

Have an Arty New Year! [Video]

[Relieved to be out of that stupid dress, Alex can be found outside in the cold, doing something to stimulate her mind, to flex her creative muscle. She's painting a mural on the side of a building. Will you like it? Will you hate it? Alex does not care. She'll just be working on something that looks quite similar in style to this. But maybe just a tad darker, just reflecting her surroundings. Either way, she's happy with it. She's smiling as she works; magic and painting are what brings her the most joy. Some of you might remember her Halloween mural on some other abandoned building. Here's another one.]

I think this place needs to be a little more... Alex.

[What? No, that's not an anarchy symbol. It's just her initial in a circle. Really.]
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2010-11-25 01:36 pm

Busy Body Wizard [Accidental Voice]

[Alex is... outside today? She's looking for a turkey. Armed with her magic to keep her protected as she explores the outer perimeters of the city, she's looking diligently for the fat bird. Or something like it that she can eat. It's Thanksgiving, and Alex has somehow taken on the role of the ant instead of the grasshopper. Clearly, the Animus has gotten to her.]

[Through the PCD in her pocket, The sound of her heavy booted footsteps can be heard, along with her voice:]

Here, turkey turkey turkey! I know I've seen some of those birds around here somewhere...

[[OOC: Alex has been affected by the Animus, demonstrating the heavenly virtue of diligence. It's the complete opposite from the sloth she usually sports. People she knows might be thrown off.]
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2010-11-18 11:45 pm

Keeping Occupied [Video/Offline]

[Thanks to the rain, Alex has been laying low at home today. Rain was bittersweet nowadays. Every once in a while, she caught herself thinking about Mason when it rained. After all, standing in the rain on Waverly Place was the first time she'd shared a kiss with her werewolf boyfriend.

[Thanks to her PCD, she can be seen sitting in the windowsill of her room, pointing her wand outside. She's filling invisible magic bubbles with rain water and letting them drop. Onto the pavement, onto small creatures, and perhaps onto you! One of her favorite things to do with Mason was throw water balloons at unsuspecting victims who happened to be wandering down Waverly Place. Oh, what fun!]

Hnhnheheheh! That was a good one.

[Have yo been hit with a water bubble? Feel free to yell at this young whipper snapper.]
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2010-09-03 01:04 am

What the... [Accidental Video; backdated to a few hours ago.]

[The PCD is focusing on a young wizard, asleep in her bed. It wasn't too extremely late, but She was just bored tired. As a sudden burst of fire works ignite from outside, just near her window, she bolts upright, startled to death. Her hands flew to her ears in a panicked flurry.]

What the--! Ohmigosh, make it stop!
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2010-08-12 08:42 pm

Sweet! My favorite color! [Video]

[Alex Russo usually hates when the Animus do things, but this week, she's having a blast. When you see her on your PCD screens, she's right-side up, but her hair seems to be floating away from her face. The young wizard is hanging upside-down from the limb of a tree. Peeking out from behind her hair, viewers might be able to see a pair of large, deep purple bat wings protruding from her shoulder blades.]

Heheheh! I'm flying and I didn't even have to cast a spell! Looks like the Animus did something right for a change!
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2010-07-30 01:20 am

[Accidental Video]

[Yearning for a change of scenery, Alex is perched atop a random building in the city. Her PCD is in her pocket, and a distant view of the street can be seen on your video screens.]

What's with all these weird potions? It's not like this is anything I can't do with my own magic.

... Those Animus are gonna have to come up with something more impressive; I mean... come on!

[Sounds like someone's just a little bitter she didn't get any potion. Boo-hoo, Alex. Boo-hoo.]
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2010-07-01 02:23 pm

Amused Alex is Amused! [Video]

[S smirking Ale Russo is visible on your PCD screens, cocking her head with a gentle chuckle in her voice.]

So! Sparkles! Hnheheh! You guys are too funny! Oh my gosh, I'm sparkling! Now I'm a girl! I thought all the guys around here were more... I dunno... mature than that.
Well, it just makes my life around here a little less boring! Thank you, Animus!

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I've been sparkling for about a week, too. I think it's pretty! I don't have to put on any of that sparkle powder. It's shimmer without the effort!

[After a brief pause,]

Hey, Fire boy! When are you gonna show me some of those fire bending moves?
Oh, and Negi dude? Show me some of those spells! I feel like learning something new here, people!
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2010-05-24 05:40 pm

[Accidental Video]

[Alex is a pretty late sleeper. Considering how lazy and unmotivated she is, it's not surprising that she'd wake up so late in the day. Reaching up to scratch her unruly dark hair, Alex vaguely noticed something different about her hands. They were a lot bigger than they usually are.]

What the--!

[Alex clasps said hand over her mouth, noticing her voice was a lot deeper than is usually is. The PCD is on the bedside table, filming as the teenager discovers her new self. For those of you viewing Alex, you might not recognize her at all. Or the resemblance might be uncanny. Perhaps something slightly familiar about the sixteen-year-old boy sitting in Alex's spot.]

Ugh, god. Did I sleep on my wand again?

[You might notice, probably long before Alex does, that her wand is right in front of the PCD. When he spots it, he gives a sigh.]

Aw, man...!
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2010-05-20 10:56 pm

... [Video]

[The feed clicks on and a bored Alex Russo sits at home and holds up her sparkly wand in view of the PCD, just playing with it. While she's not facing the camera, you might notice her casting a few spells that just amuse her.]

So. Aside from last week when I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying, it's kinda dead here. So! If there's anything anyone feels like doing that isn't reading or otherwise really boring, let me know. I might even make it worth your while.

[She smirks, pointing her wand at the screen. Yes, she is willing to give magical favors in return for someone to do something with.]

Hey, Negi dude. You gonna teach me something or what?