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[It's a relatively decent day, in spite of the snow, and Alex is out tagging buildings again. She knows what day is coming up in less than a week, and she's trying to get her mind off of Mason by painting... something else. Forgive this morbid little wizard. Right now she's painting her own little version of La Guernica. Yeah, let's just say she's not in the mood to be reminded of love right now. She's painting away, wearing a mischievous little smirk. Little does she know that there's a thought bubble floating above her head, giving away her inner thoughts. Feel free to come in and read it!]

This should nip all that lovey-dovey stuff in the bud.

[[OOC: FYI just in case, La Guernica looks a little something like this. Of course, in lieu of a cow and a horse, Alex has decided to add a unicorn and a dragon. Y'know, wizard stuff. Adds flair. She's also made a few of the people in her painting recognizable. To you. And you never know. You just might find yourself as a cameo in there somewhere.]]
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[Alex is broadcasting a video, a frown on her face. With one hand holding up her chin. the other is out to one side, relaxed, but there is something is in the other end. It's her wand. Although you may notice she's not actually gripping it.]

Does anyone know how to get wizard glue off?


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