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[Alex is certainly not feeling herself today. But she won't notice. No. She's too busy walking from door to door, handing out magically generated flowers. Because, of course, no mere flower of Adstringendum could ever be good enough for her dear friends!]

Hi! You look like you could use a little help! Maybe I could lend a hand?

[So, are you home when Alex is making her rounds? That just might be her rapping on your door! If your home needs any cheering up, she'll be there with a flower. Any other troubles? She just might be willing to help. And if you know her at all, you know Alex Russo doesn't help anyone.]

[[OOC: As mentioned above, Alex is going door-to-door. She'll be traveling all around the city, so if you wanna give a specific place for her to show up, feel free!]]
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[It's a relatively decent day, in spite of the snow, and Alex is out tagging buildings again. She knows what day is coming up in less than a week, and she's trying to get her mind off of Mason by painting... something else. Forgive this morbid little wizard. Right now she's painting her own little version of La Guernica. Yeah, let's just say she's not in the mood to be reminded of love right now. She's painting away, wearing a mischievous little smirk. Little does she know that there's a thought bubble floating above her head, giving away her inner thoughts. Feel free to come in and read it!]

This should nip all that lovey-dovey stuff in the bud.

[[OOC: FYI just in case, La Guernica looks a little something like this. Of course, in lieu of a cow and a horse, Alex has decided to add a unicorn and a dragon. Y'know, wizard stuff. Adds flair. She's also made a few of the people in her painting recognizable. To you. And you never know. You just might find yourself as a cameo in there somewhere.]]
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[It's late at night. Where is your teenage wizard? Probably out tagging a building!

And yes, that's exactly what Alex Russo is up to right now. She has seen a glimpse of her life back home that filled her with a bitter-sweet feeling. The beautiful fresco that Alex has painted is a post modernist interpretation of herself with a wolf by her side. On her other side, there is a rather attractive British boy.]

I think this is one of my best works.

[She smiles, turning to face her PCD that she just assumed was on. It always was.]

[[OOC: Alex is pretty happy, knowing that her werewolf love Mason was alive and well, and that in spite of having been bitten by her brother's vampire girlfriend, he was at least able to return to his human state. At least for a little while. (By the way, this episode hasn't even aired yet. I'm speculating based on the commercials for it. Heh!)
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[Alex is broadcasting a video, a frown on her face. With one hand holding up her chin. the other is out to one side, relaxed, but there is something is in the other end. It's her wand. Although you may notice she's not actually gripping it.]

Does anyone know how to get wizard glue off?
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[Alex is a pretty late sleeper. Considering how lazy and unmotivated she is, it's not surprising that she'd wake up so late in the day. Reaching up to scratch her unruly dark hair, Alex vaguely noticed something different about her hands. They were a lot bigger than they usually are.]

What the--!

[Alex clasps said hand over her mouth, noticing her voice was a lot deeper than is usually is. The PCD is on the bedside table, filming as the teenager discovers her new self. For those of you viewing Alex, you might not recognize her at all. Or the resemblance might be uncanny. Perhaps something slightly familiar about the sixteen-year-old boy sitting in Alex's spot.]

Ugh, god. Did I sleep on my wand again?

[You might notice, probably long before Alex does, that her wand is right in front of the PCD. When he spots it, he gives a sigh.]

Aw, man...!


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