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[Yearning for a change of scenery, Alex is perched atop a random building in the city. Her PCD is in her pocket, and a distant view of the street can be seen on your video screens.]

What's with all these weird potions? It's not like this is anything I can't do with my own magic.

... Those Animus are gonna have to come up with something more impressive; I mean... come on!

[Sounds like someone's just a little bitter she didn't get any potion. Boo-hoo, Alex. Boo-hoo.]
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[S smirking Ale Russo is visible on your PCD screens, cocking her head with a gentle chuckle in her voice.]

So! Sparkles! Hnheheh! You guys are too funny! Oh my gosh, I'm sparkling! Now I'm a girl! I thought all the guys around here were more... I dunno... mature than that.
Well, it just makes my life around here a little less boring! Thank you, Animus!

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I've been sparkling for about a week, too. I think it's pretty! I don't have to put on any of that sparkle powder. It's shimmer without the effort!

[After a brief pause,]

Hey, Fire boy! When are you gonna show me some of those fire bending moves?
Oh, and Negi dude? Show me some of those spells! I feel like learning something new here, people!
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[Alex is a pretty late sleeper. Considering how lazy and unmotivated she is, it's not surprising that she'd wake up so late in the day. Reaching up to scratch her unruly dark hair, Alex vaguely noticed something different about her hands. They were a lot bigger than they usually are.]

What the--!

[Alex clasps said hand over her mouth, noticing her voice was a lot deeper than is usually is. The PCD is on the bedside table, filming as the teenager discovers her new self. For those of you viewing Alex, you might not recognize her at all. Or the resemblance might be uncanny. Perhaps something slightly familiar about the sixteen-year-old boy sitting in Alex's spot.]

Ugh, god. Did I sleep on my wand again?

[You might notice, probably long before Alex does, that her wand is right in front of the PCD. When he spots it, he gives a sigh.]

Aw, man...!
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[The feed clicks on and a bored Alex Russo sits at home and holds up her sparkly wand in view of the PCD, just playing with it. While she's not facing the camera, you might notice her casting a few spells that just amuse her.]

So. Aside from last week when I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying, it's kinda dead here. So! If there's anything anyone feels like doing that isn't reading or otherwise really boring, let me know. I might even make it worth your while.

[She smirks, pointing her wand at the screen. Yes, she is willing to give magical favors in return for someone to do something with.]

Hey, Negi dude. You gonna teach me something or what?
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[The video feed clicks on, and Alex is staring into the camera, pouting ad sighing and being generally an emoing teen.]

Visitors? Visitors? Really? Why didn't I get one? God, I hate this place. It's so stupid!

I miss my family...


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